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Dignity For All (DFA)

Welcome to Dignity for All (DFA), a engaging digital learning program created to enhance your school experience and foster a positive, inclusive environment. Join us on this exciting journey as we develop your leadership skills, empower you to prevent bullying and discrimination, and inspire kindness and empathy through social and emotional development.

In this course, you will learn valuable leadership skills that empower you to reduce and prevent harmful behaviors. You will discover how to become an Upstander rather than a Bystander, actively standing up against bullying and discrimination. By doing so, you will contribute to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive culture and community within your school, all while exceeding ELA and Common Core State Standards.

DFA goes beyond theory by providing practical tools and techniques rooted in neurobiology. Through storytelling, role-playing, and critical reflection with your peers, you will gain the necessary skills to effectively address bullying behavior. By becoming Upstanders, you will play an active role in making your school community safer and more supportive.

As DFA Upstanders, you will set goals to enhance your understanding of different cultures and beliefs. You will also learn how to repair harm caused by bullying and discrimination, fostering an environment of trust and respect among students, parents, and administrators. Together, we can transform the way we treat one another, creating a more inclusive and welcoming school community for all.

Join us in the Dignity for All program and become a catalyst for positive change in your school. Let's build a future where empathy and dignity prevail, and bullying and discrimination become things of the past.

  • Become an Upstander
  • Introduction Video
  • Dignity For All Lesson
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Introduction Video"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever