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Conflict Resolution (Teacher Guide) (CR-GUIDE)

Teacher Guide: Your Expert Companion

We understand that teachers play a pivotal role in shaping students' learning experience. That's why we provide an all-inclusive Teacher Guide, serving as your expert companion in implementing the Conflict Resolution program seamlessly. This teacher companion course offers a wealth of resources, and practical tips as you go along to facilitate interactive discussions, promote inclusivity, and nurture a culture of respect within your classroom.

Designed exclusively for instructors, the Teacher Guide offers valuable guidance as students actively participate in the Conflict Resolution learning process. Gain essential insights and strategies as you go along to effectively lead your students through course conversations and exercises. Students will develop critical skills in relationships, self-regulation, perspective-taking, effective communication, and problem-solving. Join us to empower your students with these invaluable skills. For more information and to explore purchase options, simply head over to our website at Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

  • Getting Started
  • Welcome sample
  • Teachers Guide sample
  • Introduction Video sample
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Pre-Knowledge Check
  • The Ice Cream Incident sample
  • Unit 1: Understanding the Brain and Managing Stress
  • Unit 1 Lesson sample
  • Unit 1 Summary sample
  • Unit 1 Write to the Point sample
  • Unit 1 My Video Teach Back sample
  • Unit 2: Learning about Conflict Responses
  • Unit 2 Lesson
  • Unit 2 Summary
  • Unit 2 Write to the Point
  • Unit 2 My Video Teach Back
  • Unit 3: Using Restorative Questions
  • Unit 3 Lesson
  • Unit 3 Summary
  • Unit 3 Write to the Point
  • Unit 3 My Video Teach Back
  • Unit 4: Communicating for Trusting Relationships
  • Unit 4 Lesson
  • Unit 4 Summary
  • Unit 4 Write to the Point
  • Unit 4 My Video Teach Back
  • Unit 5: Resolving Conflict
  • Unit 5 Lesson
  • Unit 5 Summary
  • Unit 5 Write to the Point
  • Unit 5 My Video Teach Back
  • Post-Assessment
  • Post-Knowledge Check
  • Game Homepage
  • Choose to Defuse
  • Pays to Play
  • Perpetrating Rhymes
  • Rewind and Rephrase
  • Style Quiz
  • The 3-Step Method
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed